Navin Kapur, MD, introduces the Cardiogenic Shock Working Group (CSWG) Global Summit in June of 2023. He explains that the mission of the CSWG is to move from opinions to data-driven decision-making in cardiogenic shock. He introduces the summit theme, “The Golden Day,” highlighting that what happens in the first 24 hours of cardiogenic shock dictates survival. The CSWG started in 2017, has more than 7000 patients accrued in the retrospective registry and more than 1000 patients with 30-day and one-year prospective follow-ups. Dr. Kapur describes how data from the CSWG has been applied to defining cardiogenic shock stages and recognizing the impact of limb ischemia on outcomes in cardiogenic shock. He explains that one of the critical aspects of the CSWG registry is to develop a foundation for advanced data analytics and highlights the CSWG App.

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